Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jom ke Sri Manjung

Tomorrow early morning will go to Sri Manjung, Perak. coz my close friend, ANA will get married. know her since UKM till now and work together at same company but different dept.

to all my friend who know ANA, come join us to sri manjung.'jom konvoi...'
so far our 'jom konvoi...' participated by 4't happening right???

ok..will update later with more pic n experience coz this is my first time to sri manjung. excited to share..hehehe...

1 comment:

Imma said...

congrates to Ana and happy marriage to u all ..kem salam ana erk..sowi tak daapt pegi ada family gathering adik dapat kerja kat VADS Berhad..

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