Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jobs yang mungkin hilang

Hari Ini technology makin advance di mana semuanya online. forbes.com ada mengeluarkan article mengenai kerja2 yang mungkin akan hilang pada masa akan datang. Bila pk2 ade jugak logic...mmm...

So, what are some jobs that are at risk due to automation and technology advances?

1. Petrol Pump Assistant – only found in rural areas but they will disappear anytime soon.

2. Bus Conductor – again, probably found in rural areas but soon to disappear.

3. Filing Clerk – what do they file when the office is going paperless?

4. Cashier – slowly replaced by automatic scanners.

5. Travel agent – who needs them anymore when packages can be easily purchased online?

6. Real Estate Broker – replaced by online portals

7. Stock Broker – again, to be replaced by online portals

8. Assembly Line Production Worker – replaced by robots.

9. Toll Booth Operator – do you notice the cash lanes had already reduced to make way for the Smart Tag lanes?

10. Telephone Operator – already been replaced by voice machines.

11. Store Assistant – when physical stores are slowly taken over by online stores.

12. Mail Sorter/postal service – who still send snail mails in ten years time?

13. Newspaper Man – blame it on online news portal!

14. Newspaper Print Setter

15. Secretary – watch out! Most managers nowadays are hands-on with correspondences done personally and instantly, making the function of Secretary almost redundant.

Is your job affected? If yes, it’s never too late to learn new skills and adapt to new demands.

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